The Genesis

Welcome back.

So here’s the short version of how I came to embark on this project. It was due to number of factors coming together at the same time.

– I’m now in my fifties and I remember being taught the metric system while I was in elementary school. We were told we would soon be using it. I’ve always wondered what happened.

– After getting into a discussion near the end of last year on the what happened to the metric system here  (probably related to some metric conversion issue), I decided to do a little research and came upon the information that’s housed on the U.S. Metric Association Board’s page at:

– I remember thinking how sad the timeline was. Even with such a long history, it still is hardly being used here. I also discovered that we are pretty much out-of-step with the rest of the world. I actually thought it was kind of embarrassing for us as a nation and how our lack of the will to adopt the metric must look in the eyes of the rest of the world.

– Then add into the mix that I was a film major who used to produce videos for General Motors. I also recently began working in the video production arena again so that was reshaping how I was “seeing” information in my head.

– Then there‘s my constant watching of documentaries on Netflix.I think I had just finished watching “Absinthe” and thought what an interesting story the history of the drink it was.

I believe it was at that point that everything kind of came together, right down to the fact that there are more avenues for distribution than existed even a few years ago. You can even make and distribute a documentary without needing the buy in (both literally and figuratively) of a PBS or Discovery Channel..

– One last thing to throw on the heap. I work in a science-rich environment (a national laboratory) so I think that at a subconscious level, that played a role as well, since the metric system is the language of science.

After mulling all this over for a week, and a little more research to find out what information might already be available on the subject (not much from the history aspect), I decided to proceed.

And that’s the short version…….

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