Switching to Higher Gear

And the metric jokes begin.

I told a friend that I was progressing on my documentary by leaps and bounds.

“Is that metric?” she asked.

Hmmmmm. Yes.

Status report:
Had a great meeting with NIST last week. NIST is short for National Institute of Standards and Technology. They are the keepers of the metric system in the United States and helped fill me in on lots of details including some international perspectives on the metric system. (You can only get so much from books and reports.) Can’t say enough nice things about these folks. The headquarters also has a real museum and the website has a virtual one. You can visit the physical  museum if you make an appointment ahead of time.  (It’s a post 9/11 thing.) http://museum.nist.gov/

Just joined the International Documentary Association. With the right groundwork and a well-put-together application, I hope to obtain a fiscal sponsorship and a  nonprofit status.

Have begun work on developing a logo for branding. I am looking at 99designs.com right now. You basically fund a design competition and end up with a variety of designs from which you can choose. Looks promising.

Have a phone interview with an animator tomorrow. Since I anticipate that animation will take up a fair amount of my budget, it’s vital that I begin to pin these costs down as soon as possible. I’ll also need as complete and accurate a budget as humanly possible to apply for IDA fiscal sponsorship, so this is a biggie.

Other than working all these and other details, I have tons and tons (oops) thousands and thousands of kilograms of reading to do.

That’s all for now,


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