Design contest-Join in

I need a brand for this project and so I launched a design contest through on Sunday night.

While the competition is not officially over, it only has another couple of hours to run. So, here is a link to eight of the designs. I had to narrow it down to eight, but there were quite a few more. These are the frontrunners right now. You can vote for which ones you like best. I’ll use your input to help determine who the finalists will be. This is a fast process, so vote right away please.

Please also keep in mind that I’ll be using this for everything going forward, from tweets, to promotional items, and possibly even a “movie” poster much further out. I’m going to have to live with the choice not just for the remainder of the project, but the rest of my life. I can’t rebrand the project once it’s complete.

And please feel free to share this as much as you want (but soon). The more input I have the better.

Thanks for joining in on this exciting “mile” stone.


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