Sorry for the Information Blackout

I had meant to add information at least once a week, more or less.

The last couple of weeks it has been “less” due to my holding the design competition to develop a logo and branding for this project.

During the enforced brevity of this activity by (not necessarily a bad thing), I ended up with 17 different artists submitting ideas and many of them submitted more than one design. That meant I had to come home every night and interact with them, letting them know what I liked and didn’t like (“Could you change this color?” and “Could you make that element pop a little more?”) It was both exciting and worrying.

It was exciting because I got to see all the varied ideas that people came up with. It was worrying because I didn’t know if I’d end up with something that I could live with for the rest of my life. (Yes, I’d planned this as a two year project, but with any luck it won’t disappear from the face of the Earth once I get it into distribution, so I’ll continue to have to live with whatever decisions I make now for a long time to come.)

I realized fairly early that I would end up with something I could use, so then it became an issue of how to tweak the designs and communicate with the artists in such a way that I could get my thoughts across without sounding like a visua idiot (probably lost on that point).

Then it became an issue of which of these great designs I should use, knowing that it might “make or break” the project in people’s minds. (Sorry, just got this month’s delivery of cliches. They really do save time.)

I will say that I was really impressed with the level of expertise and creativity they brought to this project and for that I will always be grateful.

(For those who participated in the design poll, thanks for your input. It helped me know that I was going in the right direction and the comments were very helpful.)

It was also difficult to communicate with the designers who were eliminated from the competition. I had had quite a bit of interaction with some of them and at times I felt that I was pulling money out of their pocket. (Not that anyone was begging, but it was clear some of them really wanted to win for reasons of their own.)

I am especially grateful to the designer who ended up “in second place.” That person pulled his designs early on, I think because he thought he was out of the running, but joined back in after I pleaded with him to, because his designs showed so much promise. But, ultimately I had one design that I did like above all the others.

So, you say, you’d like to know which design I picked?

Sorry, you have to wait a little while longer. I’ve decided to file for formal copyright  protection, but it shouldn’t take very long. It’s just $35 dollars online and I plan to file for it this weekend. So then I get to add one more design element into the logo: A circle with a “c” in it.

Will post again soon. Thanks,


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