My Project’s Public Debut

On Saturday I had a booth at Los Alamos’ “Next Big Idea” event. I was hoping to generate some interest in the project with probably the most sympathetic of all audiences: the scientific and education folks that make up quite a bit of Los Alamos County. I figured if I couldn’t get support from this crowd, I should probably pull up my tent stakes now.

I’m happy to say that during the course of the day, I probably talked to about 50 or 60 people, some of whom stayed to talk with me quite a bit about the project. I had a number of giveaways supplied to me by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), as well as some branded items for my documentary.

People were very supportive of the project. I also talked to some non U.S. citizens who were very proud that their countries already use the metric system, which did not surprise me. I also had conversations with a number of teachers who took copies of some materials that they could use in the classroom. Several people signed up to receive additional information about the project, which unfortunately, I was unable to have prepared in time for this venue.

There are only so many hours in my day.

Participation in this event did a few things for me. For one thing, it gave me an opportunity to help get the word out regarding the project. Second, it gave me an opportunity to respond to people’s questions. This will help me fine-tune my materials to respond to the questions that people will most likely have about the project. Third, while I’m already pretty grounded regarding the information that will be contained in the documentary, I did hear some new angles on things that could be useful as my preproduction continues. In fact, somebody sent me a conversion program that I will pass on to the folks at NIST since I have no idea how to evaluate such a thing.

As a result of this venue, I have been invited to another event at a prep school in Albuquerque for Saturday the 29th. I have been told that they expect between 400 and 700 people, depending on weather and other factors. Again, it’s just another opportunity to reach out to people and let them know about this project. I told someone the other day that I would not be at all surprised if I end up talking to 10,000 people by the time this project is over. That number may be low, but if you want something like this to take off, you have to be willing to put that kind of time and attention toward it.

Given the short amount of time that I have been working on this project, I’m very pleased at the warm reception that is getting so far. I’m hoping it will continue.

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